About Our Carpet Cleaning Services


Most people don’t realize it, but something as simple as a little dirt or dust can actually shorten the useful life of your carpeting. Once dirt & dust settles on your carpet it gets ground into the carpet fibers every time you walk on your carpeting. This grinding motion turns those little specks of dirt into miniature saws that wear away your carpeting fibers over time. Unfortunately, vacuuming only can reach so far into your carpeting & normally leave behind the dirt near your carpeting roots, where they can continually do damage by sawing away at the fibers. Our professional carpet cleaning service can reached that ground in dirt & remove it prolonging the life of your carpeting.

Should You Clean Your Carpeting Yourself?

Many of our customers have tried cleaning their carpeting themselves using a rental carpet cleaner and purchasing those carpeting cleaning products to use with the rental machines. While a few people have been successful in cleaning their carpeting themselves, many others have been disappointed with the results.

After spending the time to rent the machine and clean their carpeting many of our customers have discovered that those rental machines are not well maintained and suffered through leaking water tanks or worn out scrubbing brushes. Even after repeatedly going over their carpeting with a rental carpet cleaning individuals have discovered their carpeting comes out streaked or less than clean. So while it is possible to clean your carpeting yourself, the results may be less than you want or expect for the effort and time you put.

We Promise the Results You are Looking for

Here at Crown Height Carpet Cleaning  we can promise you that we can give you better results than those rental carpet cleaners. Our professional carpet cleaning services owes it success to three key ingredients.

Our Skilled Carpet Cleaning Technicians- Our carpet cleaning technicians are personally trained by us in order to perform at the level we demand. Our technicians learn how to properly use our equipment and to troubleshoot for problems.

Our Organic Cleaning Products- Our organic cleaning products are tough on dirt, stains and odors, but gentle on your carpeting fibers. They are also safer for you, your children and your pets than those chemical carpet cleaners used by some other companies.

Our State of the Art Cleaning Equipment- Unlike those rental or made for home use carpet cleaners our commercial state of the art steam cleaners can reach way down to the roots of your carpeting fibers & gently lift that dirt to the surface where the steam cleaner’s extractors will remove that dirt leaving your carpeting as clean at the root as it is on the surface.

Our Organic Cleaning Products-We clean all different types of carpeting including both high & low pile as well as natural & synthetic fibers. Specific types of carpets we clean include:

  • Olefin ……………

We Do both Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We are proud to be able to offer carpet cleaning services to meet both residential & commercial carpet cleaning. No carpet cleaning job is too large or too small for us to hole which means that we are more than happy to clean a single carpeted room in a small apartment or several rooms of carpeting in an entire apartment complex & everything in between.

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